How to get of Skunks in Onaway, MI 49765 | Skunk Removal for Michigan

Skunks are scavengers and will eat anything from bugs to garbage. If a skunk finds a tasty morsel on your land, chances are good that he’ll start visiting more often.
Eliminate skunk yummies to get rid of Skunks in Onaway MI

Skunks can and do eat anything; bird eggs, larvae and bugs, human wastes, small rodents, you name it �” they’ll eat it. Following is a list of the most common foods that attract skunks onto people’s property:

Unprotected garbage
Store it in heavy duty metal or plastic trash cans with lids that will stay on even if the can is knocked over when you transfer your trash outside for pickup. Never place unprotected bags out on the curb.

Larvae and grubs
Skunks love grubs! Skunks are known for digging small holes in peoples yards as they hunt for them.


Nuts, berries, and fruitsFallen apple
, if you have bushes or trees that bear berries, nuts, or fruits you should periodically walk your yard and remove any that have fallen to the ground.. Skunks will happily feast on them, and so will rodents … which skunks will also happily eat.

* Easily accessible water sources.

* Large numbers of ground dwelling insects under dead leaves and foliage.

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Other attractants
While the above food sources are the most common culprits that attract skunks, there are (of course) more. Do your best to minimize or eliminate them if any of these exist on your property.

Pet food
Never leave unprotected animal food outside at night, it’s akin to setting a place at your dinner table for Pepé le Pew. Once who would leave table scraps and cat food out for neighborhood strays, I had a neighbor. She ended up with a family of skunks living on her property. Get rid of Skunks in Onaway MI.

* Compost heaps containing bones, fruit rinds and egg shells.

* Bird feeder spills.

Skunk repellents

If you're reading this your canine buddy has probably had a close encounter with a ticked off skunk and you are wondering how you will ever get that skunk smell out of your dog. Or maybe you remembered what your Grandma told you about using tomato juice as a quick fix and so you poured a quart of Campbell's over Fido only to discover that you now have apink dog that smells like a skunk. How bad is that? Are you ready for the sure fire skunk smell removal formula? Here you go. Hopefully you have these ingredients on hand but if you don't, don't worry asI'll give you a back up plan later in the article. In a large open container mix the following: One quart 3% hydrogen peroxide. One quarter cup of baking soda. One teaspoon of dish washing detergent.  If you have it, (Dawn.  That's what they use to de-gunk water fowl when they get caught in an oil spill).  One clothespin for your nose (optional).  Make sure you keep the lather from getting in or near his eyes. Let him sit for about five minutes then thoroughly  repeat and rinse  if necessary.  Voila, skunk smell gone!  Do not seal it up in a container as it is likely to explode. That's why you use an open container and I'm guessing that's why nobody has tried to sell this commercially as it would be a tough sell if the bottles kept blowing up.   If you are missing one or more of the required agreements, ok so what.  What do you do then to get the skunk smell out of your dog?  Yep toothpaste and I hope you have a small breed dog or you're going to need more than one tube. Rub the toothpaste in and work it into the hair over all the affected areas. I'm not sure what's in the toothpaste but it absorbs the skunk smell and leaves your dog smelling minty clean.   So now you know the two best ways to get the skunk smell out of your dog.  What are you waiting for? Get out that mixing bowl.